Umi Solihin, Operational Manager


Umi Solihin, our esteemed Operational Manager, brings a unique blend of dedication and expertise to our team. A proud graduate of the University of Waikato, her journey is guided by a passion for excellence and a love for feline companions.

Known for her reserved demeanor, Umi’s quiet confidence belies her exceptional proficiency in her role. Her keen eye for detail and innate ability to observe nuances make her an invaluable asset to our organization. Whether it’s analyzing operational processes or implementing strategic initiatives, Umi approaches each task with meticulous precision and unwavering commitment.

Beyond her professional prowess, Umi is a devoted cat enthusiast, finding solace and joy in the company of her furry friends. This bond with animals reflects her nurturing nature and adds depth to her character.

In essence, Umi Solihin embodies the perfect balance of competence and compassion, consistently elevating our operations with her steadfast dedication and insightful contributions.