Savanah Rangiawha, Medical Receptionist

Savanah Rangiawha, a proud Rotorua native with roots entrenched in the serene beauty of Raglan, brings a blend of warmth and efficiency to our team as a dedicated Medical Receptionist. Her journey commenced in the educational corridors of Selwyn Primary, continued through Rotorua Intermediate, and blossomed further at Rotorua Girls High School, shaping her into the diligent and versatile individual she is today.

Beyond the professional realm, Savanah’s world revolves around her beloved Kiwi doodle puppy. In her leisure moments, she revels in the joy of dressing up her furry friend, embarking on leisurely walks, and frequenting the sandy shores for moments of tranquil bliss.

Although her passions may ebb and flow, Savanah’s commitment to growth and knowledge remains constant. Motivated by an insatiable curiosity, she found herself drawn to the medical industry, recognizing it as a fertile ground for expanding her understanding. This career choice has not only fulfilled her thirst for learning but also equipped her with invaluable insights.

Savanah draws inspiration from her beacon of strength, her mother. It is her mother’s unwavering work ethic, resilient mindset, and overall persona that serve as a guiding light, inspiring Savanah to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

As a member of our team, Savanah embodies the perfect amalgamation of empathy, adaptability, and dedication. Her openness to new experiences and her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth make her an invaluable asset to our practice, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she encounters.