A Psycholgist works at Tiaho Medical Centre:    For more information please phone our reception team

Psychology is about working with individuals and groups to maximise their quality of life, regardless of any personal or environmental limitations.
Psychologists apply their knowledge of psychological concepts, human sciences and advanced skills across a range of environments and applications. At BIM our psychologists work with the whole person during intervention to help them be the best physical, psychological and spiritual person they can be.

All Registered Psychologists have completed masters and post graduate training (six to eight years at University) as well as practical training in the professional role of a psychologist. They are required to keep up to date with new methods of understanding and treating psychological issues. Psychologists working at BIM have specialist knowledge and experience of working in the health arena.

Psychological consultations are confidential.

ACC funded services.
ACC funded services for injury allow for a range of individual and interdisciplinary team based interventions for clients who have experienced a physical injury and/or a psychological injury (e.g. anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder) as a result of that injury event. Psychologists working at BIM have a strong team based approach in working with clients to maximise the benefits that the team can bring about for clients. Our focus is not just on the injury but on the whole person so that recovery is maximised regardless of the degree of harm.

Employer funded services (EAP).
Some employers provide psychological assistance for employees where personal and work-related problems are impacting on their work performance and maybe impacting on their health and wellbeing. When possible, we feed back information to employers so that they can use this to maximise employee wellbeing and thereby maximise productivity in the workplace

Private Clients.
Private clients come to psychologists for a range of reasons; anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, and chronic health conditions are just some. As with our work with other clients, BIM psychologists are looking to maximise a client’s experience  across all aspects of living (physical, psychological and spiritual) in ways that are important to them.